Taylor Rico is a photographer currently living in Ulsan, South Korea. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas and studied Radio-Television-Film at The University of Texas at Austin. Taylor specializes in 35mm film multiple exposures, all created in camera.

Her most recent body of work, LA Stole My Soul (2016-2018), strives to capture the alluring illusion that is Los Angeles, California. Taylor layers vibrant, artificial light with stoic and sinister portraiture on 35mm film. Though the collection may flirt with the realm of fantasy, Taylor subtly sprinkles in quintessential LA landmarks to solidify her commitment to reality.

In addition to photography, Taylor explores her imagination through various creative outlets (i.e. modeling, writing, collage). This work can be found in the mixed media section. Warning: contains content with nudity and drug-use. May not be suitable for all.

If you'd like to reach Taylor, please enter your information on the contact form linked below. She welcomes technical photography questions, collaborative projects, and business inquiries.