Mixed Media

You Are Love. You Are Loved.

“You are unlovable. Nobody loves you. You’re not good enough...”

These are the most hurtful messages I tell myself. Though the words vary, each thought represents a struggle to be content with the person that I am. To cope, I try harder to be more physically attractive, successful, likeable, agreeable or whatever “enough” seems to be to fit the scenario. Or worse, I believe these falsities and cut myself off from others completely, effectively isolating myself from the world.

I believe it's important to put into the world the very thing your heart most desires. Mine is simple, love. I wish to encounter daily messages that reinforce how loved and lovable I truly am, rather than messages of what I should buy or do in order to be loved.

I know that if I feel this way, someone else out there feels the same. Because of this reason, I designed this image to print on street art stickers and place everywhere I go. I hope to spread this message to as many souls as possible; I never want someone to believe about themselves the same painful, false thoughts I've encountered inside myself.

I hope you know and truly believe that not only are you lovable and are capable of giving great love, but you are also the physical manifestation of love itself: YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE LOVED.

If this message resonates with you and you’d like to place some of these stickers around your city, please send me a note in the contact form